Finura is a humble attempt at paying homage to excellence.

My name is Miguel Tito.

I am passionate about things that are well made.

I love products that are well designed and produced. Those in which great design, engineering and craftsmanship are combined, producing stuff that is elegant, honest and fit for purpose.

Not only that. I also enjoy services in which attention to detail is high. They require great empathy, hard work and a degree of improvisation which adds an artistic layer to what takes place.

Last but not least, I am also fascinated by processes and activities carried out to the highest level of mastery. A task done with great efficiency, focus and control is not only eye-pleasing, but also resonates in me at a spiritual level. The essence of Kung fu applies not only to martial arts, but to any skill achieved through hard work and practice.

Finura means finesse in Spanish.