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Portrait of Javier Cañada

Javier Cañada, designer in the digital realm

Some interaction designers choose to work in the digital realm, shaping pixels into elegant interfaces and environments.
Javier is one fine example of this species.

Javier Cañada can be found in the intersection of social sciences and technology.

His natural interest in tapping the possibilities that new tech can offer blends seamlessly with his gifted mind for understanding people’s behaviour.

The elegance found in his works stems from a deep intimacy with the principles of design. It also has to do with having an eye for aesthetics. But above all, it is built on a work ethic that puts discipline, honesty and self-demand first.

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Picture of Ishac Bertran

Ishac Bertran, artist and interaction designer

Interaction designers give shape to the relationships between people and machines. It is both an art and a science.

Ishac Bertran, as most interesting people you meet out there, is not stuck in a narrow field of work. He elegantly blends the fields of design and fine arts.

As a designer he works exploring new ways of relationship between people and technology, while as an artist he explores new ways of connecting analog and digital.

This new installment taps into Ishac’s practice and how he uses prototypes with varying degrees of fidelity as part of his work.

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Frank Buschmann

Frank Buschmann, wood and soul

Frank Buschmann is the type of person that makes the question “Where are you from?” irrelevant. He has lived in South Africa, Nigeria, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain… yet passport stamps are clearly not the goal.

In the professional space, he has also gone through various stages. Each of those made sense as part of an evolution. Nowadays Frank is a woodworker with a level of quality and attention to detail beyond almost anything I have seen before.

This new instalment of Finura features the summary of a long conversation with this seasoned craftsman.

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